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Buy dank vapes

Because of how fake cartridges are negatively affecting brands,Buy Dank Vapes decided to act quick on this dilemma. As of January 2019, they decided to change their packaging into a darker look to prevent fakes being sold. In our updated Dank Vapes review, we tell the difference between the old and new packaging. Overall, there was no major difference other than the packaging itself. As always, they had an amazing taste to them and a satisfying dankvapes buy carts dank vape flavors

This is a great opportunity for them to update their lab results. With new packaging, I’d hope for these Dank Vapes to contain no sort of pesticide. Better yet, contain a lot more than just  THC. Hopefully they decide to take action on this too, I just hope it’s sooner than dankvapes buy carts dank vape flavors

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